Wingblossom of Riverclan

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Wingblossom of Riverclan

Post  Zaperex on Fri Jul 06, 2012 10:40 pm

Name: Wingblossom
Gender: She-cat
Rank(EX: Warrior, apprentice, etc.): Warrior
Age: 5(.65) years
Physical Description(In writing or image form): A lithe, light brown coloured she-cat with white splotches on her back and tail. She has amber eyes, white paws and well groomed long fur.
Personality: Wingblossom is graceful and kind warrior who is a talented hunter, very quick on her paws. She is easily startled but it's a hard task to surprise her because she has a strange knack at predicting things about cats, a useful fight skill. Wingblossom is both very protective and stubborn.
History*:Born just before Pikestar became an apprentice, they never had much contact during kithood. Both cats were popular in their apprentice days, but once again, due to Pikestar being 5 to 6 moons older than her, had different friends and only encountered each other on patrols and while going to sleep in the apprentices den. However, once Wingblossom became a warrior, a few days after the ceremony they became good friends while hunting and eventually became mates. She attempted to rescue Treestar, the former leader of Riverclan, during the flood which took his last life, but failed and in a result, sometimes feels guilty about being so proud of her mate being the leader.
RPG Sample*: Wingblossom sat by the freshkill pile, slowly consuming a fresh trout. Fish didn't keep very well, so there was an smell in the air any cat from another clan would probably find revolting, but the Riverclan cat was used to it after eating in the same spot for nearly her entire life. Finishing her meal, she went elsewhere and buried the bones. It was newleaf and with all hunting and border patrols complete, a day to relax for most warriors. Wondering how her kits, Shellpaw and Softpaw were doing, she went off to check on them.

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