Ashtail of Riverclan

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Ashtail of Riverclan

Post  Zaperex on Tue Aug 28, 2012 1:49 pm

Rank(EX: Warrior, apprentice, etc.):Deputy
Age: 5.5 years
Physical Description(In writing or image form):A pale, light grey tom with amber eyes. He has long, sleek fur, dark grey ear tips and a matching coloured tail tip.
Personality: Ashtail is a gruff yet gentle deputy, he has a soft spot for kits and loves mentoring. He is forgetful and sometimes forgets to do his duties, such as organizing the patrols. He is very fierce in battle and harbours a secret hatred for WindClan cats...
History*: Ashtail is half WindClan, but was raised in RiverClan with his mother along with four of his siblings. His mother and two of his littermates, a brother and a sister, both died in the flood which claimed Hailstar's last life. Right before being swept away by the current, Ashtail was told by his mother about his WindClan blood. Angry at his parents for doing what they did and his father pretending they weren't his kits, Ashtail hates WindClan.
RPG Sample*: Ashtail stood by the river, claws out. A small ripple of water and the small murky shape of a fish could be seen, before the grey tom swipe his right paw into the water, spearing a fish on his claws and flinging it ontol the shore. It was a trout, a bit on the small side, but he knew that there would be more once the day grew warmer and the fish became less lethargic and more eager to swim. It struggled on the ground in vain, the deputy bit into the trour, ending it's misery and went to bring the tasty, fresh piece of prey to the freshkill pile.

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