Raintail of ThunderClan

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Raintail of ThunderClan

Post  Zaperex on Fri Jul 06, 2012 2:04 pm

Name: Raintail
Gender: Male
Rank(EX: Warrior, apprentice, etc.): Medicine Cat
Age: 4 years
Physical Description(In writing or image form): A light gray tabby cat with light blue eyes, Raintail is a lean cat who isn't very muscular. His underbelly and muzzle are white, so is the tip of his tail.
Personality: Raintail is very calm and level-headed, he is also an intellectual. However, he can be very blunt with his words and can be vicious without knowing it towards kits and apprentices because he was never a very social cat.
History*: Raintail never had many friends growing up, due to being a medicine cat apprentice which kept him busy and never gave him much time to make friends. He had no littermates and drifted apart from the friendships he had during kithood. Only after gaining his medicine cat name, did he realize how he never really spoke to anyone except his mentor, his parents and patients. After his mentor died in a fire, Raintail began trying to become closer with his clanmates, but still has not made any notable friendships with any cats.
RPG Sample*: Raintail woke up to the sound of noisy kits playing moss ball outside. He got up and began to sort through his herbs. "Catmint, yarrow, poppy seeds..." he mumbled. The mossball suddenly landed into his fresh pile of tansy, scattering bits and pieces of moss everywhere. Raintail stifled a sigh as the kits sheepishly went to retrieve the moss ball. "This will not be a good day." he stated as they returned to their game.

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