Brownkit of ThunderClan

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Brownkit of ThunderClan

Post  Zaperex on Sat Jul 07, 2012 11:15 pm

Name: Brownkit
Gender: Male
Rank(EX: Warrior, apprentice, etc.): Kit
Age: 5 moons
Physical Description(In writing or image form): A long-legged brown pelted kit with amber eyes and a white muzzle and underbelly. He is lithe and moves gracefully-at least compared to his siblings. He has sharp features, similar to Jaykit and their father.
Personality: Brownkit is playful yet soft-spoken and shy. He has low self-esteem about his plain name and appearance, not to mention extremely worried about never becoming a warrior. He often clashes with Jaykit and ends up sulking, but knows his brother is attempting to help and doesn't fault him for his actions.
History*: Unlike the rest of the litter, Brownkit was named by their father-who came up with a extremely plain name he sometimes feels ashamed about. He has never argued with anybody apart from Jaykit and Birchkit on one occasion. Although he has low self-esteem and confidence, Brownkit has lived a happy life.
RPG Sample*: Brownkit peeked through the entrance of the nursery where his littermates were getting prepared to play a game (Protect ThunderClan From An Invasion, "cleverly" named by Jaykit). After being invited over by his gray furred brother, he worked up the courage to join the game. "Maybe this will be fun..." he thought, and a rare grin spread over his face.

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