Goldenfire of ThunderClan

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Goldenfire of ThunderClan

Post  Zaperex on Wed Jul 04, 2012 11:18 pm

Gender: Male
Rank(EX: Warrior, apprentice, etc.): Warrior
Age: 2 years
Physical Description(In writing or image form):A large pale golden coloured tom with dark ginger markings on his back. He has round amber coloured eyes and messy long fur which seems to always stick at least three different directions at a time.
Personality: A cheerful, outgoing cat, Goldenfire is a fun warrior to be around but at the same time is overprotective around his sister and can also at times, jump to conclusions. He is also, interestingly, terrified of thunderstorms.
History*: Born outside of camp due to a fire, Goldenfire and Snowcloud's third littermate, Willowkit died as a newborn. Ever since seeing his sister getting shoved as apprentices by a clanmate, he has been extremely watchful and attempts to make sure Snowcloud is never harmed in anyway. Due to his personality and his fighting skills, Goldenfire has always been popular and lives a happy life.
RPG Sample*: Thunder roared out side, making Goldenfire flinch and scare away the mouse he was after. "Snowcloud... m-maybe we should be h-heading back..." he suggested. Knowing Goldenfire's fear of thunderstorms, his sister agreed and started going back to camp. Once they arrived, the golden coloured warrior dropped the vole and sparrow he caught onto the freshkill pile before running to the warriors den and hiding in his nest as more thunder rumbled from above.

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