Hawkstar of ThunderClan

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Hawkstar of ThunderClan

Post  Zaperex on Mon Jul 02, 2012 10:55 pm

Name: Hawkstar
Gender: Tom
Rank(EX: Warrior, apprentice, etc.): Leader
Age: 6.3 years
Physical Description(In writing or image form):
A lean but strong brown tabby with greenish yellow eyes. He has a white underbelly and muzzle, the tips of his ears are also white. There is a small scar on the lower left of his muzzle.
Personality: A loyal cat who wishes to do the best for his clan, but arrogant and violent at the same time. He will not hesitate to stand up for Thunderclan, however, is also easily offended.
History*: Born in Thunderclan, Hawkstar's darkest years were as an apprentice. As Hawkpaw, he often lost control during battle and ended up feared and avoided by his fellow apprentices. He eventually learned to have more self control after he lost his brother, Mudpaw, in a badger attack. After becoming a warrior, he was still disliked by many due to his arrogance and although his clanmates slowly warmed up to him, he can still be counted on to gloat about a victory for many moons after successful battles.
RPG Sample*: Hawkstar slashed at his enemy, a warrior, and soon had him retreating into the troops of ShadowClan cats with long scratches on his flank although wincing at the new wound on his back. He smirked, satisfied, before hurling himself into battle once more. He yearned for blood, letting his violent side come into play for a moment, biting into a shoulder, before pushing it back. "Losing control here is no good, you learned that when Mudpaw died..." he told himself, and Hawkstar's lust for blood immediately fled. He charged once more at a senior warrior, this time with more control. As the ShadowClan warrior retreated, Hawkstar allowed himself a few seconds of rest-knew they would win anyways, after all, they had him to help them.

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