Firestripe of Windclan

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Firestripe of Windclan

Post  Cinwan on Thu Aug 23, 2012 12:59 pm

Rank(EX: Warrior, apprentice, etc.):Medicine Cat
Age:5 years
Physical Description(In writing or image form): A pale beige coloured medicine cat with dark orange stripes along his back and a left paw of the same colour. He has pale, ivy-green eyes and a mangled right paw which is partially missing.
Personality: A jovial, happy-go-lucky tom who tends to look on the bright side of life, but immediately becomes gloomy if he is reminded of his paw. He is neither observant or very smart, he also has trouble sensing the mood of others or situations, but is still a decent medicine cat who cares for his clan.
History*: Firestripe had always wanted to be a warrior, but as a young apprentice, his paw was caught in a twoleg trap, dismember it, and also nearly killing him after a serious infection. After recovery, Firestripe was amazed by the skills and kindness of Honeyheart and began to train under her and soon became a fully-fledged medicine cat. Honeyheart passed away two leafbares ago, leaving Firestripe the sole medicine cat of WindClan.
RPG Sample*: Firestripe sifted through his supplies, he had a very low supply left of borage leaves left. He found Mudstar sharing tongues with Foxpelt. "Mudstar, I need to go out and gather some more borage leaves. Are there any warriors who can go with me?"

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