Rules - Please Read!

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Rules - Please Read!

Post  Zaperex on Mon Jul 02, 2012 10:13 pm

General Rules:
-No offensive language
-No discrimination
-No posts involving anything unsuitable for children below 13
-No spamming

RP Rules:
-Make sure it's realistic-as in no rainbow coloured eyes, flying cats, dogs with guns, etc-nothing which would never happen in the real books
-No god modding: there is a good definition here:
-Adding on to the god modding rule, especially controlling another cat's character in any way or form
-Make sure your cats have had their biographies submitted and accepted in the correct forum before role-playing as them
-No killing cats without the creator's expressed agreement with it

There may be more rules in the form of stickies not included here, so it is suggested you read sticky posts.

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