Spottedstar of Shadowclan

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Spottedstar of Shadowclan

Post  Zaperex on Wed Aug 22, 2012 1:10 pm

Name: Spottedstar
Gender: She-cat
Rank(EX: Warrior, apprentice, etc.): Leader
Age:6.5 years
Physical Description(In writing or image form): A pale ginger she-cat with dark brown spots scattered over her pelt. She has calm, bright eyes, a light shade of green and a torn ear. She has white paws, chest fur and ear tips.
Personality: Spottedstar is very fierce and brave, she always speaks her mind and almost never backs down from a challenge. She cares deeply for her warriors, and so, makes sure ShadowClan doesn't get into pointless fights. One of her flaws are she is rather close-minded to new ideas, Spottedstar doesn't like change and would be unhappy to do something which could alter ShadowClan's lifestyle dramatically.
History*: Spottedstar had three siblings at birth, however, two died shortly after birth and the third, Leopardfang, survived long enough to become a warrior but later died of a greencough outbreak. Spottedstar had a hard time moving on without her brother, but eventually overcame her past and became a stronger cat after her ordeals. She is now the leader of ShadowClan and tries her best to do what's right for her clan, although sometimes making the wrong choices like all cats do in their lives.
RPG Sample*: Spottedstar bristled with anger. How dare Pikestar insult ShadowClan? "He needs to be taught a lesson." They were returning from the gathering, and the leader was in a terrible mood. "He will pay...!" She didn't want to start a battle, but there were more ways the insolent leader of RiverClan could be humiliated, weren't there? The she-cat calmed down a bit, smirking as she came up with an idea. "Oh, he will pay, and very soon..."

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